I’m Wayne Loche. I read a few too many books. Watched few too many films. Played a few too many games. Some of them were shit. Some of them changed me forever. Now I want to make them.

Technical stuff:

This is my personal blog, I host it with blot.im. Blot matches my strong opinions on internet minimalism.

I write a lot

If you follow me here, you can expect a feed of short and digestible essays or long and indigestible essays. Some of them might be pretty good! This will or will not be limited to:

Where else can we find you?

I’d prefer you don’t. This is where the cool kids hang out. But you can find my front facing Author Site wayneloche.com (it’s pretty empty). You can also find me on the other soul sucking social medias here:

I view those as primarily advertising. The most creative energy will be spent on TikTok though, thanks to that delectable algorithm. I’d like to expand into more healthy and based federated social medias but for now, find me on mastodon and right here.

I view this blog as where the homies are. Not something that I’ll be advertising often. If you follow me here and Masto, consider it the inner circle for a nobody creative. Even when I sell out to become a multimillionaire writer and need to be squeaky clean to keep up public appearances. This is where I’ll keep it real.

Comments, Questions, Maybe reach out and say hi?

I shan’t be providing my email here, lest it get picked up for spam. Reach out to me on mastodon: @wayneloche@dice.camp