Welcome to the Now page, something that everyone should use. You can use the fleeting feeds for updates. But this is something set in stone. Updates Monthly: Last Update: 1/28/24

What the phases mean:


For most of my full length projects, I’ll be releasing them to Royal Road as a web serial. When they are in the release phase, I’ll be linking them there. One day, these books will be available for purchase in full elsewhere (likely amazon 🫠). My short stories will (hopefully) make it in a Science Fiction / Fantasy Magazine. For the lucky few, you’ll find a link to the publisher. The unlucky many will be published here.

Musclemancer - A litrpg about a gym rat turned adventurer.

Phase: Development

Percent done: 90%

A Horror Litrpg - A supernatural mystery Litrpg

Phase: Development

Percent done: 30%

50,000 Labours - A continuous writing challenge.

A personal challenge to write close to 50k words in short stories every year.

2023 Labours

Phase: Post Production

Percent done: 0%

2024 Labour

Phase: Dev / Production

Percent done: 0%


Find completed games on

Suborgia - An urban fantasy Morkborg hack set in Suburbia.

Phase: Post Percent done: 0%

Misc - Things I’ve been working on / with that I might even blog about.